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Revised edition
186 pages; 156 Figures; 28 Tables

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NZ$42.00 (incl. Postage);
overseas US$40.00
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This book is an important tool for landowners to assess and improve areas of biodiversity on their land. As one of the main organisations offering protection mechanisms for natural and open space areas on private land the QEII National Trust has a keen interest in this initiative and promotes the book to its covenantors.

Peter van Essen, QE II National Trust


What a marvellous publication! This has got so much comprehensive and practical material in it that no-one will ever need to compile another bush protection/rehabilitation/recognition guide. The things I have longed for in previous publications in vain, are sensible planting guides, good photo captioning and of course a smart and user-friendly presentation.

Isobel Gabites, naturalTEXTures


I own a 228-acre hill country farm in the Manawatu and am interested in finding ways to improve the sustainability of the property. Fortunately I have Bush Vitality – a very impressive work that provides a huge amount of valuable and practical information. My background is in science and technology and I can see that this book promotes an enlightened insight to smart environmental management of the future. Congratulations – make sure you get this info out there!

Andy Shilton, PhD